welcome to my website!

Thanks for looking up my online portfolio! I am a director of photography and a photographer as well as a lighting cameramann and a camera operator (on any camera, crane, dolly, drone), currently based in the South of Austria. 
I was born in Brazil, raised in Austria and after earning my M.F.A. from the American Film Institute I worked in Los Angeles (5 years), UK (3 years) and now Austria where I was lucky to get the chance to shape the visual style of a few new tv series that aired on Austrian National TV (ORF).

I am always looking forward to new projects with interesting stories… Please enjoy my portfolio and let me know what you want to know more about!


short film "no mother"

Proud to be cinematographer of writer/director  Romana Carén‘s strong and touching short film “No Mother” where I tried to capture the feeling of a life shortly after a loss – worn out, but with a glimpse of hope…and it already got a festival nomination – in the category “Golden Actress” at the  Golden Short Film Festival – congratulations Romana! What Art Creative ProductionsIMDb Link

documentary "Heimatleuchten - Sommer am Fluss"

Very happy to spend some of the hot August days 2020 shooting the rivers of Austria – literally a cool and refreshing experience and a great chance to work again with Fritz Kalteis | Feature Film.

documentary "Feierabend - Schwester Silke"

Insightful days of shooting the experience of sister Silke Mallmann and listen to her reflected words – thank for the again great collaboration this Easter with Fritz Kalteis and Cinevision.


world record "ineos 1:59 challenge"

It was an honor to work with director Jake Scott and to operate the main techno crane with the panther oculus remote control head when Eliud Kipchoge made history running a marathon under 2 hours on Oct. 12, 2019 in Vienna. No second chance, no excuses – also for me on the main crane – a different, yet exciting challenge and I am proud that I fulfilled my task to support Eliud Kipchoge on the day of his life.
project website: www.ineos159challenge.com
cinema documentary produced by RSA FilmsScott Free Film Production, service produced by Filmhaus Wien

documentary "Feierabend - Der Pferdepfarrer"

Trying to find pictures as warm and glowing of love just like the protagonist of this edition of “Feierabend” despite the fact that it is December… It was great to work again with director Julia Wallnöfer and Cinevision.


documentary "Universum History - Unser Österreich: Wien"

I had a great time shooting this edition of Universum History “Unser Österreich – Wien: Die Geschichte der Familie Erdheim” and I loved working with director Katharina Heigl, especially on the historical enacted scenes to create an atmosphere where you can almost feel the growing threats of deportation and death – the cast was great (Erwin Steinhauer, Daniela Golpashin, Harry Prinz, Matthias Franz Stein, Larissa Emsenhuber) and the team behind the camera was wonderful as always: Satel Film | Premiere in Anwesenheit von Wiens Bürgermeister Michael Ludwig im ORF Funkhaus